World of ABC, The Waldo School offers a range of after-school activities for parents to choose from.

Sports are essential to building character in children. They encourage cooperative play and teamwork while teaching children about healthy competition and striving to succeed. Children also benefit by further development of their fine and gross motor skills as well as helping them to focus and strategy. Children engaging in sports often become more aware of their bodies, stretching and leading an active lifestyle.

Fencing (Primary School)

Fencing is a perfect way to harness a student’s focus. PAFS fencing teaches our students critical thinking, comprehension, and concentration skills. Maestro Mlynek has led fencers into winning over 150 medals in tournaments such as Juniors Olympics, Summer National Championships, and the North American cups, as well as led students into Ivy League schools.


Students learn emerging soccer skills, techniques and strategies for playing the game. They also learn the benefits of playing together on a team and coordinating with team mates to reach their goals.


Students learn various yoga poses, relaxation and meditation methods. Yoga helps children remain flexible by gently stretching their growing muscles keeping them oxygenated through deep breathing exercises.

Martial Arts

Students learn a variety of martial arts commands and stances. They develop a strong sense of pride in their growing accomplishments and build character. Martial Arts aids children in enhancing their sense of balance and range of motion.

Swimming (Primary School)

Students will learn the basics of swimming in our on-campus swimming pool with trained and certified swim instructors. Students will learn how to independently float and swim on the water with a variety of swim strokes and appropriate breathing techniques.

Tennis (Primary School)

Students develop hand-eye coordination, position and movement of tennis equipment, and strategy skills as students play against each other and in doubles. Students will have the opportunity to participate in solo and group tennis lessons with experienced instructors.

Basketball (Primary School)

Students will learn about the basics of basketball in our brand-new school gymnasium, including how to properly dribble, shoot and pass the ball through drills and team scrimmages. Students will also develop important team building and group decision-making skills as they play.

Volleyball (Primary School)

Our volleyball program will challenge students to be successful in all areas of the game, including serving, passing, and blocking of the balls. Students will learn to carefully coordinate their movements with those of their teammates to not only score points but also develop important social skills.

Cheerleading (Primary School)

This exciting class will teach the fundamentals of cheerleading to multiple ages and developmental levels. Children will develop both their fine and gross motor skills, listening skills, understand rhythm and movement, and build strength endurance. Children will also learn the importance of working with others and good sportsmanship.

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