World of ABC, The Waldo School offers a range of after-school activities for parents to choose from.

Chess Club

Playing chess enables children to develop important analytical and decision-making skills and build the confidence needed to succeed in other logic-related subject areas, including mathematics and science. During chess class, students are initially taught to recognize and name the different chess pieces. Students then progress to understanding their positions on the chessboard, the specific movements each piece makes, and the strategies needed to play chess with their peers.


Bi-linguicism is more important than ever in our increasingly global world. During foreign language classes, students are taught to read, write, listen and speak the language and are also introduced to Spanish culture and heritage throughout their lessons.

Science Club

In science club, students will complete many different experiments and engineering challenges that will keep students engaged and excited to learn about science! Each week we will complete a new experiment or challenge, exploring the different branches of science to learn and develop our understanding of the world around us.

Robotics Club

Students will explore the basics behind computer programming and coding through our weekly Robotics Club with Mr. Erik. Students use the most innovative and high-tech materials, from 3D printers and robots programmed with iPads, to sophisticated circuitry and engineering kits as they work collaboratively on long-term projects.

Public Speaking

N’Kenge is a business owner, public speaker and has taught privately to all ages. She will bring her hands on experience to this innovative class that is geared for our future leaders. This class introduces techniques for age appropriate writing and delivering interesting, animated speeches and writing assignments to stimulate independent thinking. Topics include making introductions, using humor, quick-pick speeches, thinking on one’s feet, prose and short poetry, and other useful speaking techniques. Students will learn these tools through fun and lively exercises and creative assignments that will help them prepare for any kind of speaking from formal, research-based presentations, to casual retellings of personal experiences.

Math Club

The Math club deepens students’ level of math skills and foundational skills and knowledge with a focus on critical thinking. This will be accomplished using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work together to complete Math Challenges and Puzzles.

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