International Students

Welcome to the Waldo International School! We are elated to welcome international students into our diverse and enriching community, dedicated to fostering global awareness and mutual respect for various cultures, traditions, and histories.

International Students and Student Visas

Waldo International School is proud to be certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), a designation that authorizes us to enroll international students and provide the necessary documentation for the F-1 student visa category. We understand that navigating visa procedures can be challenging, and we are committed to supporting our international students through every step of this process, ensuring a smooth and welcoming transition to our school.

F-1 Student Visa Transfers:

If your child is an international student currently studying in the United States and you wish to transfer them to our school, we assist in facilitating F-1 visa transfers to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your child.

New F-1 Student Visas:

For prospective international students residing outside the United States, Waldo International School is authorized to issue Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility), a crucial document in support of F-1 visa applications, to help them join our diverse and enriching academic community.

Host Families & Legal Guardians

For students whose parents are unable to accompany them, we recommend arranging a local guardian or a host family. A host family can provide a supportive and nurturing environment, helping students adjust to a new culture and academic setting. Parents should consider appointing a legal guardian who will be responsible for the student’s well-being during their stay. This guardian can be a family friend, a relative, or a vetted individual from a reputable organization.

Considerations Before Applying

International Student Application Process:

  1. Application Submission: Complete and submit the International Student Application, along with the specified application fee of $100.
  2. Recommendations and Transcripts: Provide the necessary recommendation forms and a school transcript to your current school.
  3. Interview: After reviewing the application, recommendations, and transcripts, we may arrange an interview via video call to better understand the applicant’s needs and expectations.
  4. Acceptance and Enrollment Contract: If accepted, an enrollment contract will be issued. Submit the signed contract along with the enrollment deposit of $2100 to confirm your admission.
  5. Issuance of Form I-20: Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, a Form I-20 will be issued, essential for obtaining a F-1 visa.

Get In Touch:

We’re here to assist you throughout every step of the application process.

For inquiries or additional information, please contact our Admissions Office, at 201-721-6000 or

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