Parent Testimonials

“My son has been going here since he was around 1 years old.. He is close to 5 now and I am very happy with the way he has been groomed at the World of ABC school. He surprises us almost every day with all the things he knows and the credit is to all the caring teachers & staff at school. The directors are also very helpful and accommodating to any concerns the parents might have. Highly Recommend it!”

“My son has been there since he was an infant and now he is almost 5. We are very pleased to see his progress both socially and academically. The school is very good about giving kids a very wholesome educational experience. My son really looks forward to going to school everyday.”

“Our son has been with the Waldo/ World of ABC school since 2013 and we are genuinely happy it has worked out so well. Our younger son is also now attending and is in Pre-K3 at the World of ABC. Living in Jersey City with very limited options, we were literally afraid our sons would not get the best fundamental understanding, however, this school has proved to push academic standards and year over year grow in extra curricular activities. Both principals have their own children in the school and they have carefully handpicked syllabus which actor to International Baccalaureate. The school has scored above 90% in the Tera Nova testing and my sons entire class as of last year in kindergarten scored at 96.82 percentile with a grade evuivalent score at the Second Grade level. The First grade from last year also scored at 94.25 percentile with a GE (grade equivalent score) of 5th grade. This means that as per the Terra Nova testing the kids are 90+ percentile stronger than the others in their grade nationally and are learned at a grade equivalent more than others. While the school does give homework, spelling bees and other academic rigerous attributes it also offers soccer, chess, fencing, robotics, swimming, fencing etc. While these extra curricular activities are offered after school, they are all also part of the day by day curriculum unlike most schools we visited including charter/ private school in NYC and North Jersey. The school also teaches about community and the kids go on field trips at least once a month. In 2016, they renovated 10,000 sq ft with upscale amenities like pool, gym, classrooms with floor to wall windows and most recently a beautiful outdoor area which is extremely difficult to find in any city in the US. Hats off to the owners for always listening to parents to make the school better and better over the years. My husband and I truly appreciate how well rounded the school has become and are excited to the years to come.”

“This is our second year that our son has attended World of ABC. He started when he was 2 and is now 3. World of ABC is an entirely international school. This is very important to us, as we believe being in a diverse environment teaches children respect and tolerance of other cultures; this is invaluable in the international world we live in today. We love that World of ABC aims to create students that are internationally-minded. We love the curriculum. It is different from all the schools we looked at when first beginning our search… The teachers are wonderful, caring and all have excellent credentials with degrees in education and most of them can speak multiple languages. The staff is wonderful. You can see the directors of the school there every single day. They are very approachable and always encourage parent involvement. We receive a weekly report every Friday discussing the activities done during the week, the highlights of our son’s development and a newsletter with pictures of the children. This type of frequent feedback is invaluable for parents, and seldom seen in other schools were reports are sent much less frequently, if at all. Also, there are meetings with the teachers every four to six months to discuss progress, goals for the year, special concerns, etc. The school’s location could not be any better. Just a couple of blocks from the Newport and Grove street PATH stations and half a block from the lightrail station. They have a fingerprint system in place that allows you to pick-up a child ONLY if your fingerprint is registered in the system. They are also provided with a healthy snack everyday. We are also very happy and impressed with a recent development: World of ABC has been accepted as a candidate for the International Baccalaureate Program, which is an internationally recognized, rigorous and research-based curriculum. When first considering our options for the education of our son, we had been searching for an IB school (as I myself attended an IB school in Mexic) and could not find one close to our home, so this news has been very happily welcomed. The most important thing for us, though, is that our son LOVES his school. He particularly loves his teacher and walks to school happy every single morning. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

“It is a great school. My daughter has been there since she was an infant and now she is in preschool. She loves going to her class, and especially loves her teachers. It’s great sending her to a place where she is well taken care of, and a lots of patience and kindness. It is a very good place for your kids. Very caring staff I recommend it for your children!”

“My son and daughter go to World of ABC. We love it. We started them relatively ‘late’ (my son was 3 and my daughter 1). It was their first time in a formal day care and preschool setting and they adapted immediately. They love going to school every day. The teachers have been fantastic and genuinely love working with the kids. My son has learned so much and is now in their kindergarten program. I honestly believe that he’s now at least 1 year more advanced than kids his age at other schools. We love the early hours as well. I highly recommend it.”

“I am a pediatrician and parent of a 5 year old in Kindergarten. I can not say enough amazing things about Waldo school. The teachers, administration, curriculum, ancillary staff, after school programs, and facilities are absolutely top notch. I am so grateful to see my little one thriving every day. Daily activities are well thought out and done with love and care. This attention to detail and personalized care is reflected in all the students and their families. The life lessons and education are beyond my expectations. Highly recommend.”

“Our two kids went to the World of ABC since the opening in Sept 2011 until our recent move abroad. We loved how modern and international the school is. The classes size is very small (it used to be 9 in the pre-K, then 8 in K & Y1) that encouraged the kids and families to get to know each other really well. Teachers are warm and caring, with interest in the kids wellbeing and happiness, they are truly invested in the learnings and concepts that they introduce to kids. The small class size enables them to advance the kids faster and I could see my son applying his maths, science and reading skills gained at the World of ABC at our current school in the UK at least an academic year ahead. I wish the school had better outdoor and sport facilities but it was well compensated by the excellent chess program and fencing club.”

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